Beta vulgaris L. var. crassa Mansf.
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Foderbeta "Ursus Poly" - Beta vulgaris L. var. crassa Mansf.

Multigerm, polyploid, cylindrical. Also suitable for manual cleaning. Orange-yellow root. Immersion in soil 40%.
Excellent pet food, increases milk production. Root vegetables contain sugar, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins.
The tops are fed fresh and ensiled, used to make herbal flour.
Harvest of root crops 1000-1250 kg/ha.
% dry weight 11.5-13%.
The yield of dry matter is 120-140 kg/ha.
The yield of leaves is 280-350 q/ha.
The variety has a high content of solids, excellent keeping quality, resistance to diseases. Bloom resistant.
The content of sucrose in 1 kg of beets is 0.10-0.12 feed units.
The content of digestible protein in 1 kg of beets is 6-8 grams.
Contains carotene.
Hopma seeding: 10-15 kg per 1 ha.
Sowing: sow it in rows (60-70 cm). Sowing of seeds is carried out in May, to a depth of up to 3 cm (the optimum soil temperature for seed germination is + 20 + 22 ° C).
Top dressing: after waiting, giving 300-400 g of nitrogen, potash and phosphorus fertilizers per 10 m2. If possible - water.

Root crops are harvested before frost.
It is worth noting that the aerial part of the plant (tops) is also used as animal feed (in addition, the green rosette of leaves is perfectly ensiled).

Fodder beet Ursus Poly

Eng.: Fodder beet. Suom.: Rehujuurikas. Sven.: Foderbeta. Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa Mansf.

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