Lewisia cotyledon hybr.
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Trädgårdslewisia "Rainbow" (blanda) - Lewisia cotyledon hybr.

For the rockgarden, flowering pot plant.
IV-VI, Z5-8, 25 cm.
Mixture of many newly bred colors and forms, round flowers also semi-double, from white and yellow to pink, red-orange to blue-red. The best existing cotyledon hybrids today! Gold medal IGA Stuttgart 1993 (Krämer).

Family: Portulacaceae.
Origin: USA: California and Southwest Oregon
Distinction: Gold medal IGA Stuttgart 1993 (Krämer)
Special Features: Mixture of many newly bred colors and forms. The best existing cotyledon hybrids today.
History: The genus is named after Virginian, Meriwether Lewis, leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the first to cross the North American continent in 1804-1806.
Colour: White and yellow to pink; red-orange to blue-red
Natural Flowering Period: April - June
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z5-8
Growth Habit: Flat rosettes
Foliage: Fleshy, evergreen leaves form a starfish-like rosette
Height with Flower: 25 cm
Spacing between Plants: 30 cm
Soil Requirement: Gritty, well-drained soils, in warmer conditions a northern exposure with a cool root run is preferred, pH 5.8 - 6.8
Location: Full sun or partial shade
Use: Great for containers or in the rock garden. Plant together with Aquilegia "Calimero", Gypsophila cerastiodes and Heuchera villosa var. macrorrhiza
Specialities: A very attractive plant for container production and will have impulse appeal in garden centres


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