Cucumis melo L.
Tillverkare: Franchi
I paketet:3,0 g
Tillgänglighet:I lager
Exkl moms: 1.85€
Sockermelon "Zatta".
1,0 g. = 20-30 frön.

Annual, demanding for heat and humidity, rich in vitamins.
Mid-early: vegetation period is 90 days. In our climate can grow in greenhouses. But can be planted outdoors, in a sunny area soil protected from the winds. Cultivated from seedlings. For higher quality harvest, 3-4 best-developed offspring with 2-3 fruits are left on the plant.


Eng.: Melon. Suom.: Hunajameloni. Sven.: Sockermelon. Bot.: Cucumis melo L.

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