Alcea rosea double
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Double Hollyhock.
This beautiful plant will delight you with abundant flowering and the extraordinary beauty of its flowers. A biennial plant, the stem is powerful, branched, up to 2 m tall, with lovely, large, double pink flowers. Used to decorate flower beds, looks spectacular in small groups on lawns, mixborders. Blooms profusely and for a long time from early July to September. Due to its high growth, it is ideal for decorating fences, sheds and other low outbuildings. If you want to surprise someone with an unusual bouquet, a stock rose is exactly what you need: it looks just like a king in a vase, striking with its grandeur and size.

Abbott Fuller Graves
Abbott Fuller Graves.

Eng.: Shater`s double, Common garden hollyhock. Bot. syn.: Althaea rosea (L.)

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