Amaranthus hypochondriacus hort.
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Purple Amaranth "Pygmy Torch" - Amaranthus hypochondriacus.
Low and showy plants!
Quite a rare variety with spectacular pyramidal inflorescences. The plant forms a densely leafy bush.
The leaves are rough, green with burgundy veins. Erect dark purple inflorescences, reaching a length of 40 cm, turn chestnut brown in autumn.
Blooms from June until frost.
Used for single planting, creating groups in landscape compositions and, of course, as a dried flower.
Prefers loose, nutritious soils and sunny places.
Propagated by seeds, which are sown from May 20 to May 30 in open ground in a permanent place, followed by thinning by 40 cm.
The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +15+18°C, the time from sowing to germination is 6-14 days. Easily self-seeding.

Eng.: Purple Amaranth, Prince-Of-Wales-Feather, lovely bleeding, princes feather, red cockscomb. Bot. syn.: Amaranthus leucocarpus.

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