Begonia semperflorens
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Clubed Begonia "Podkrkonosi" F1 - Begonia semperflorens.
A hybrid variety that forms highly branched bushes about 15-20 cm high. Glossy green leaves. The flower is pink-red.
Plants are oval, strongly branched. This is a special variety bred to achieve high resistance to adverse weather conditions. Shows a remarkable result when growing, both in sunny and cloudy weather. Plants are capable of "self-cleaning" (there is no need to cut off faded flowers, because new ones grow in their place).
Plants bloom without interruption until frost. It is recommended to plant 30-35 plants per 1 m2. Use in carpet flower beds, as a container and pot plant.
1.0 g = 75,000 seeds.
Prefers to grow in partial shade on rich soils. Sow in January-February. A layer of calcined sand 3 mm thick is poured onto the soil, leveled and moistened well. Seeds do not sprinkle. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted warm place. At a soil temperature of +20+25°C shoots appear on the 10-14th day. Watered with soft water from a sprayer. The first pick in the phase of 3 leaves, the second - after 2 months. Planted in open ground in late May - early June (when the threat of late spring frosts has passed).

Eng: Club Begonia, Clubed Begonia. Suom.: Kesäbegonia. Sven.: Isbegonia.

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