Begonia semperflorens
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Begonia semperflorens "Skalka" F1.
An annual plant 20 cm high. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, slightly oblique, shiny, finely serrated along the edge.
Sowing: in February-March in moist soil under glass or film. Seeds are light-similar - they need light to germinate. Therefore, they are simply laid on the surface of a wet substrate. For successful germination, t is about +21 ° С. Seeds germinate within 5-7 days. The first dive is made after the plant has given 2 true leaves.
Care: planted in the ground after the end of spring frosts.
Flowering: all summer. To prolong flowering until autumn frosts, begonias are dug up, planted at home in pots.

Eng: Club Begonia, Clubed Begonia. Suom.: Kesäbegonia. Sven.: Isbegonia.

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