Begonia tuberhybrida pendula multiflora flora pleno
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Begonia tuberosa pendula "Chanson Orange" F1 - Begonia tuberhybrida pendula multiflora.
"Chanson" F1 is a group of popular hybrid spreading begonias with double and semi-double flowers. It offers the complete range of colours that begonias can offer.
Plants grown from seed start flowering early and continue until the first frosts. Plants usually create 5-8 main shoots, where regular camellia-form flowers on long peduncles appear behind every leaf.
Flower size is 6-8 cm. Plants create a cascade of 30-50 cm. Can also be used for bulb production. Ideal for flower boxes, hanging baskets and higher spots to show its spreading cascading character. The two bicolour varieties we offer are unique.

Prefers light or semi-shady places, soil rich in organic matter, as well as constant moisture. Sowing seedlings from February to April.
Seeds in granules! Sowing is superficial, without embedding (seeds germinate in the light!), under glass or film to maintain constant humidity until full germination. The granules must dissolve when sowing!
February crops require additional illumination. Shoots appear on the 5-6th day. Picking in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Planting hardened seedlings in the ground at the end of May.

* When germinating, the seeds must be lighted. Seeds or granules are not sprinkled, well moistened and kept in constant moisture. Additional round-the-clock illumination (40 W lamp per 1 sq.m.) is not necessary, but it speeds up germination and improves the quality of plants.
After germination, provide a long daylight hours (14 hours) and reduce the humidity in the substrate. Pay attention to the constant moisture content of the substrate.
Young plants should never dry out. Water for irrigation should be at least +18°C. When transplanting and transporting plants, be careful - the plants are very fragile.
Grows well in full sun and partial shade. Does not tolerate frost.

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