Begonia tuberhybrida pendula multiflora flora pleno
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Begonia tuberosa pendula "Chanson White" F1 - Begonia tuberhybrida pendula multiflora flora pleno.
Seeds in granules! Granules are placed on the surface of slightly compacted and moistened soil, without covering them. Crops are moistened from a sprayer and covered with glass or plastic wrap to maintain moisture. The shell of the granules should dissolve. It is necessary to maintain optimal humidity for seed germination. Seedlings appear in the light at a temperature of + 22 + 25 ° C in 10-21 days. After germination, the temperature is reduced to +14+18°C. Seedlings dive after 5 weeks into 3x3 cm pots. The second dive is carried out after 5 weeks into larger pots.

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