Helychrysum bracteatum L.
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Bracted strawflower "Bunter Bikini" mix.
Magnificent undersized dried flower.
This plant has earned its popularity among many dried flowers thanks to large, terry, spectacular inflorescences that retain colour throughout the winter.
The plant forms strong, elastic stems up to 30 cm high.
Helichrysum is a godsend for lovers of winter compositions who appreciate the unique comfort of their home. In addition, these brightly coloured, funny inflorescences-baskets will become an integral part of the herbarium and various crafts, the manufacture of which will be interesting and educational for children.
It is grown both in seedlings and by direct sowing of seeds into the ground in late April - early May. The depth of seed placement is not more than 0.5-1 cm.
Helichrysum is unpretentious but prefers light soils and a sunny location.

Everlasting Mixed, Bracted strawflower, golden everlasting, paper-flower, yellow paper daisy. Bot. syn.: Helichrysum monstrosum, Xeranthemum bracteatum Vent.

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