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Cacti "Piante Grasse" (mix) - Cactus (mixed).
A mixture of popular types of cacti for growing on the window. These prickly pets will help you recreate a mini corner of the Mexican plateau.
The form of plants is the most diverse: spherical, flat, cylindrical, etc. They are distinguished by good growth, unpretentiousness to room conditions.
Grows well in pots with light soil, on south-facing windows. Emerging shoots are sprayed daily with water.
After 2-3 months, the seedlings are seated.
Plants are peculiar in appearance, come from tropical countries.
AGRICULTURAL TECHNIQUE: photophilous, require bright light, especially in winter. Seeds are sown from late March to early May.
Before sowing, relatively large seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 24 hours, small ones are scattered over the surface of a moistened substrate.
Before germination, the crops are covered with glass or film and kept at a temperature of + 18 + 25 ° С. Seedlings appear on the 14-30th day.
When the seedlings show the first thorns, they start picking. Transplant into pots in October.
Cacti need fresh air and plenty of light. From the end of summer, watering is reduced, from mid-autumn it is sharply limited - watered occasionally and little by little.
In the spring, watering is gradually increased, and in the period from late spring to late summer, the watering regimen is the same as for other indoor plants.
The amazing wealth of shapes and colors that cacti show us is a unique opportunity to create a rich collection even in a very limited space.
Perfect for a variety of compositions on sunny windows, for winter terraces, balconies, roof gardens and exotic corners of the garden.

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