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Cardinal climber "Quamoclit mix" - Ipomoea quamoclit.
A very attractive climbing liana with lacy leaves and elegant flowers in the form of stars coquettishly peeking out of the airy greenery.
The plant is able to climb any support and weave on it an incomparably lively carpet of amazing beauty, which attracts a large number of multi-colored butterflies to the garden.
It will become a worthy decoration for retaining walls and arbors.
The stems reach 4.0 m in length. The leaves are very beautiful, carved. Flowers numerous, star-shaped, 2-3 cm in diameter.
Corollas carmine red, white, pink. Blooms profusely.
It is used for vertical decoration of flower beds for various purposes.
The plant is light and heat-loving, drought-resistant. Prefers loose, nutritious soils.
Sowing: in May in a permanent place (2-3 seeds per hole, after soaking the seeds for several hours in warm water or in peat pots in April).
Seeds must be soaked for 24 hours.
At a soil temperature of +20°C, seedlings appear after 6-14 days. Shoots appear after 10-15 days, the crops are thinned out, leaving 1-2 plants per hole.
Seedlings are planted with a clod of earth, maintaining a distance between plants of 15-20 cm.
Care: watering (as the soil dries up), top dressing.
Flowering: from late July to late autumn.

Eng.: Cardinal climber. Suom.: Liuskamiinanköynnös. Sven.: Fjäderstjärnvinda. Bot. syn.: Quamoclit pinnata Bojer.

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