Dianthus carthusianorum L.
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Clusterhead Pink - Dianthus carthusianorum.
Evergreen perennial plant 70-80 cm is high. Stems 4-sided simple, leaves linear, pointed, 5-10 cm long and 1-5 mm wide.
The flowers are dark pink, with sharp-toothed petals along the edge, collected in capitate inflorescences of 6-14 pieces, surrounded by apical leaves. Blooms in June-September.
Undemanding to soil and moisture, but photophilous. Winter-hardy.
Easily grown from seed. (1.0 g = 1200 seeds). Sowing in the ground in early April-May or before winter. When grown through seedlings, sowing is done in March-April.
It is desirable to stratify the seeds in a refrigerator in wet sand at a temperature of +2 + 4 ° C for 3-4 weeks.
At a soil temperature of +15°C shoots appear on the 7-14th day. Carnation blooms in the second year after sowing.
Used as a bright component in mixborders.

Dianthus carthusianorum Kartuusia nelk

Eng.: Clusterhead Pink, Carthusian Pink. Bot. syn.: Dianthus tenuifolius Schur.

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