Amaranthus tricolor
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Chinese amaranth (mix) - Amaranthus tricolor.
A bright annual plant with rich colors is a real find for flower growers. Its decorative foliage is defiantly perky. It grows quickly, forming a fairly strong erect stem.
The leaves are large, variegated - with a multi-colored "burning" tricolor color: light green, yellow and red. The plant is thermophilic, grows well in sunny, wind-protected areas, with fertile, drained and sufficiently moist soil.
Recommended for group plantings, ridges, mixborders and flower beds. Cut and dried inflorescences can be used in winter bouquets.

Eng.: Josephs coat, Chinese amaranth, Chinese spinach, hijau salad amaranth. Bot. syn.: Amaranthus gangeticus L., Amaranthus mangostanus L., Amaranthus melancholicus L., Amaranthus polygamus L.

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