Chrysanthemum leucanthemum max
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Shasta daisy "Gigante" - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum max.
Unpretentious, frost-resistant plant with a straight, slightly branched stem. Plant height is about 70 cm.
The leaves are large, dark green. Inflorescences are large baskets, solitary, located at the ends of the stems.
It is used in group plantings, mixborrers and cutting. It has been growing in one place for more than 5 years.
When cut, the inflorescences retain their decorative effect for a long time.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing: In spring on seedbeds in a greenhouse or in autumn on open ground. In a permanent place, plants are planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Seedlings bloom in the second year.
Reproduction by spring division of the bush is possible.
Care: Prefers sunny places with well-fertilized, non-acidic soil. Withered inflorescences are removed. In the spring, it is necessary to carry out mulching, and in the fall, after flowering, pruning the stems.
Flowering: July-August.

Eng.: max chrysanthemum, shasta daisy, daisy-chrysanthemum. Suom.: isopäivänkakkara. Sven.: jätteprästkrage. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum maximum Ramond., Leucanthemum maximum.

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