Clematis flammula
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Fragrant Virgin's Bower - Clematis flammula.
Perennial vine up to 2 m high.
The flowers are white, with a strong fragrance (reminiscent of almonds mixed with vanilla).
Vigorous climber, covered with a cloud of fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers from July to October. In autumn and winter, it is decorated with a scattering of decorative seedlings.
It is used for growing near fences, pergolas, arboгurs and walls - in sunny and warm sheltered places.
Frost resistance: zones Z5-Z9. In severe winters, it can freeze slightly.
It grows especially beautifully under windows, next to benches and near other places where people often stay.
1.0 g = 225 seeds.

Clematis flammula

Clematis flammula
Fragrant Virgin's Bower.

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