Clematis macropetala-Hybr.
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Downy clematis (mixture of colours) - Clematis Macropetala-Hybr.
Climbing perennial plant from the Ranunculaceae family.
Homeland: Eastern Siberia, the Far East, northeast China and north Korea (forest edges, rocks, northern slopes).
Liana type: deciduous, woody.
Growth rate: in Estonian conditions - high.
Flowering plant height: 150 cm.
Natural flowering period: May - June.
Flower color: from light blue to purple, also pink and white.
Flower size: up to 9 cm in diameter.
Form: flowers on long stalks, from 4 sepals, pubescent on both sides.
Leaves ovate or oblong, 2-3 cm long.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z7.
Soil Requirements: мedium.
Soil pH: 5.6-6.5.

* Blossoms on the shoots of the past and current year.
* Rarely affected by pests and diseases.
* Good honey plant.

Propagation methods: seeds, cuttings, dividing the bush, layering.
The term of sowing seeds for seedlings: in the spring (with spring sowing, a 2-month stratification is required).
The term for sowing seeds in open ground: before winter.
1.0 g = 590 seeds.

Eng.: Downy clematis. Bot. syn.: Atragene macropetala (Ledeb.)

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