Pisum sativum L. convar. medullare Alef. emend C.O. Lehm
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Climbing green pea "Alderman".
One of the best "brain" varieties in the world selection!
Mid-season variety: 68-75 days from germination. Shelling.
Plant height 160-180 cm, climbing. Beans 11-12 cm long, containing 9 to 11 large peas.
Agricultural technology.
The best soils for vegetable peas are non-acidic, moisture-intensive and breathable.
In a crop rotation, peas are best placed after well-fertilized crops: cucumber, tomato, pumpkin and early potatoes.
Peas should be sown at the end of April, when there is still a lot of moisture in the soil. Sow the seeds to a depth of 2-3 cm in rows, the distance between which should be 20-30 cm.
Seeding rate up to 100 seeds per 1 m2. The sown seeds must be well pressed to the soil so that they are in close contact with it.
After germination, care consists in loosening row spacing, watering and top dressing. Harvest as it ripens.
1,0 g = 3-6 seeds.

* Preservation of green peas.
Peas are blanched for 1-2 minutes in boiling water, after washing well, of course.
Glass jars are thoroughly washed (it is better to use half-litre jars). Peas are poured into prepared jars and poured with brine containing 2% salt and 3% sugar.
The jars are covered with metal lids using clamps so that the lids do not come off during the boil, and are placed in a saucepan with brine of the same concentration as in jars with peas. The brine in the pan should be 2–3 cm higher than the jars covered with lids. After the brine in the pan boils, the peas are boiled over low heat for more than 1.5 hours to make them soft. Then the jars are carefully removed and hermetically rolled up with lids. The blanks are placed on a flat surface and covered with something warm (for example, a blanket).
If after 4 days the brine has not become cloudy, this means that the canned food has been successful and can be stored for many months, but if the brine has become cloudy, the canned food is spoiled and should not be consumed!

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