Coffea arabica nana
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Mountain coffee - Coffea arabica nana.
An exotic tree, a favorite drink and medicine for your home.
A beautiful evergreen tree with glossy, wavy, dark leaves, about 70 cm high.
The flowers are collected in several pieces in the leaf axils, white, fragrant. The fruit is a cherry-sized red, sweet and sour berry, edible, the seeds are known as "coffee".
It grows well in the room, blooms and bears fruit at temperatures above + 20 ° C. Seeds are laid flat side down and sprinkled with loose soil 1 cm.
Germination temperature is not less than + 20 + 30 ° С after preliminary soaking. Seedlings appear in 50-70 days. First flowering in 3-4 years.
Regular watering and feeding is required.

Homeland: tropical Africa.
Population: there are about 50 species.
Usage: decorative leafy, fruit.
Dimensions: up to 1-2 m in height.
Growth: fast.
Bloom: April, May, until the end of summer.
Temperature: + 16 + 18 ° C in winter, + 25 + 30 ° C in summer.
Light: the plant is light-loving, you need bright (but diffused!) Lighting or partial shade.
Watering: in winter - moderate, in summer - plentiful (only with "soft" water). The plant is hygrophilous.
Air humidity: frequent spraying.
Transfer: in the spring, once every two years, into a pot with a diameter of 2-3 cm larger than the "old" one (it is better to take tall pots, since coffee has strong roots).
Earthen mixture: pH 7.0.
Sod land, leaf land, humus and sand (4: 2: 1: 1).
Top dressing:
horn or bone meal promotes better growth and flowering: spring-summer - once every 2 weeks,
mineral and organic fertilizers: winter-autumn - once a month.
Pruning: pinch in the spring.
Pests: spider mites, scale insects, mealybugs, aphids.
Reproduction: in the spring by apical cuttings or seeds.
Propagation technology by cuttings: with a sharp knife, cut, immediately under the knot, healthy cuttings with 2-3 knots, remove the lower leaves. Fill the pot with a damp mixture, press down and make indentations with a peg. Plant the cuttings in the grooves, deepening them to the first leaf, and carefully press the soil near them. Cover the planted cuttings with a transparent bag and place in a warm place (soil temperature should be + 22 + 25 ° C).
When new leaves appear, remove the bag and let the plants acclimate. Plant the rooted cuttings.
Seed propagation technology: Fill the pot with damp soil, apply it and make small indentations with a peg. Plant the seeds about 1 cm deep and water. Cover with glass on top and place in a warm place. When shoots appear (after 30-40 days), remove the glass. When the seedlings get stronger, transplant them into individual pots and put them in a shaded place for 12 days.
Features of care: in summer you can take out into fresh air.
The leaves turn yellow, rot and fall off - waterlogging of the soil.
Young leaves turn yellow, only the veins remain green - the soil is not acidic enough.
The ends of the leaves dry up, the leaves grow dull - dry air.

It's important to know:
* The coffee tree also often suffers from iron deficiency: the leaves then turn light green.
* The most common mistake when growing a coffee tree is to expose the plant to direct sunlight.
* Do not spray during flowering, as this causes early wilting of flowers.
* Coffee requires very good drainage and an increased number of holes in the pot, i.e. the earthen lump must "breathe" from below.
* The plant absolutely does not tolerate turns in relation to the light - not the slightest!

Eng.: Coffee shrub of Arabia, Mountain coffee. Suom.: Arabiankahvi. Sven.: Arabiskt Kaffeträd.

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