Heuchera sanguinea
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Crimson bells "Firefly" - Heuchera sanguinea.
Perennial bushy plant 40 cm high. The leaves are green, rounded, serrated along the edge, collected in a basal rosette, very decorative.
Flowers on long, strong peduncles, small, bell-shaped, red-white, collected in a loose panicle inflorescence. 
The plant is frost-resistant, prefers sunny and semi-shady places with light, humus-rich soils, responds well to feeding. 
It is used in mixborders, curbs, on rocky hills, for bordering tall shrubs, reservoirs, as well as for cutting.

Eng.: Coral bells, Alum root, Crimson bells. Suom.: Korallikeijunkukka. Sven.: Blodalunrot.

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