Bellis perennis
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Common Daisy "Grace" - Bellis perennis.
Sowing time: June, July.
Planting time: August.
Planting method: seedlings.
Plant height: 15-20 cm. Inflorescence diameter is about 4 cm (!).
Distance between plants: 20 cm.
Universal use: as a groundcover, for framing flower beds, balcony boxes, rock gardens.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is winter-hardy, prefers sunny places, but can also grow in partial shade. Grows in any cultivated, well-drained soil.
Propagated by sowing seeds in late June - early July on breeding ridges. Seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth (0.1 mm).
At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear on the 7-14th day. Seedlings dive in the phase of the 1st-2nd pair of true leaves according to the scheme 10x10 cm.
In August, seedlings are planted in a permanent place, maintaining a distance between plants of 20 cm.

Eng.: Common daisy, bruisewort, lawndaisy, meadow daisy. Suom.: Kaunokainen. Sven.: Tusensköna, bellis, pytter.

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