Bellis perennis
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Daisy flower "Maria" (bruisewort).
Biennial plant. Height 15-20 cm. Inflorescence diameter 6 cm.
Daisy with thick double pink caps. Plants are compact, with a large number of strong, non-lodging peduncles. They are characterized by rapid growth, good health and high frost resistance. A wonderful border and container daisy that forms an even flowering carpet with very early and long flowering.
Sowing: June-July in seed beds. Seedlings dive according to the scheme 10x10 cm, and in August they are planted in open ground in a permanent place. Planting distance of 20 cm between plants. Daisies can also be transplanted while in bloom. Blooms are usually in the second year.
Care: undemanding to growing conditions. Daisies grow in any well-drained soil but prefer moderately fertile light soil. Require regular watering. With a lack of moisture, the flowers become smaller and lose their doubleness. Rare top dressing with a solution of complex mineral fertilizer is recommended.
Flowering: May-July, September (after cutting).

Bellis perennis Maria Kirikakar suureõieline

Eng.: Common daisy, bruisewort, lawndaisy, meadow daisy.

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