Zea mays L.
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Decorative corn "Multi-colored" (a mixture of colours).
Decorativeness of this cereal plant is given by miniature cobs with small multi-colored grains: against the background of the main yellow grains, grains of other colors - white, brown and black - are arranged in a checkerboard pattern.
The plant itself is no different from the well-known sweet corn: a strong stem, linear leaves and panicle inflorescences. It bears excellent fruit and tastes good in milky ripeness.
Plant height 150-180 cm.
It is used for decorating hedges, buildings, as a background plant, for group plantings, in floristry - for decorating decorative compositions, winter bouquets.
Agricultural technology.
Before sowing, corn seeds are heated for 4-5 days in the sun, and then soaked in warm water to speed up germination. Sow seeds in mid-May, when the soil warms up well. The seed placement depth is 5-7 cm. The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is +25+28°C. Prefers fertile, well-moistened soils and sunny places.

Mais dekoratiivne

Eng.: Decorative mais. Suom.: Koristemaissi. Sven.: Prydnadsmajs.

* The uniqueness of ornamental corn lies in the fact that the grains of the cobs compete with flowers in their multicolor.
But unlike flowers, they will not fade, but will decorate your home for years.

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