Delphinium x cultorum
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Larkspur "Giant mix of colours" - Delphinium cultorum.
Delphinium seeds germinate quite well, but only at low positive temperatures, i.e. they are characterized by the so-called "cold start". They will not be hindered by a small light stratification, which will allow them to get more friendly and strong shoots. It is better to sow in late March - early April. Sow them in bowls, keep them at home for a week and take them outside. Do not be afraid, they will not freeze. On the contrary, the seedlings that appear later will be strong and friendly, while in the apartment the seedlings may not appear at all or will be single and weak. Even if it freezes or snows outside, it will only benefit them. Then, with a gradual increase in temperatures, they themselves "choose" a favorable moment for germination. Seedlings will immediately form in the environment in which they will live, they will be healthier and more resilient. It is very pleasant to watch how a tiny seed turns into a large and beautiful plant, and to know that this beauty is the work of your hands.

Delphinium cultorum Aedkukekannus

Eng.: Larkspur Mix of Giants. Suom.: ritarinkannus. Sven.: riddarsporre.

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