Lysimachia punctata L.
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Dotted loosestrife "Golden Yellow" - Lysimachia punctata.
In nature, it is found in the humid forests of Central and Western Europe. This is a herbaceous perennial 50-60 cm high. It has a light brown, long rhizome, 0.3-0.5 cm thick.
Blooms in late June-early July for 30-35 days. Luxuriously develops only in sunny areas with fertile soil.
Effective in group plantings near ponds and in mixborders.
1.0 g = 3000 seeds.

Soil: not demanding on growing conditions, but on loose, fertile, moist soils they grow faster, forming a dense curtain in 2-3 years.
Care: do not need shelter for the winter. During the summer, maintain constant high soil moisture. At the end of flowering, the faded parts of the stems are cut off. In autumn, the stems are cut to the bottom and compost is added to the plants. In one place grow up to 10 years.
Reproduction: seeds and vegetatively. For better seed germination, post-sowing stratification within 1-2 months is desirable. Flowering occurs in 2-3 years. Vegetatively propagated by division, rhizome segments, basal offspring and cuttings.
Division and transplantation can be done in early spring before the leaves appear, or in early autumn (September).
Usage: for group plantings.
Partners: well combined in a group mixed plantings under the canopy of trees, along with astilbe, bluebells, ferns and other shade-loving perennials.

Dotted loosestrife, large yellow loosestrife.

* For therapeutic purposes, grass and loosestrife juice are used.
Vitamin C, tannins and saponins were found in the grass. The loosestrife herb has a tonic, anticonvulsant, hemostatic effect.
Infusion of herbs is used for bleeding, hemoptysis, heavy menstruation, jaundice, general weakness, convulsions, scurvy and diarrhoea, to eliminate bad breath, stomatitis and thrush.
Outwardly, the herbal infusion is used as a poultice for articular and muscular rheumatism, inflammatory processes of the joints and skin, in the form of compresses for burns, carbuncles, boils and for some colds (flu, etc.).
It is recommended that crushed leaves be applied to bleeding wounds in case of damage to small blood vessels and placed in the nose to stop nosebleeds. The loosestrife juice has an effective hemostatic effect.

3-4 tbsp. l. Pour boiling water over the herbs, wrap in gauze.
Taken as a hot poultice for joint and muscle pain.

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