Digitalis purpurea
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Foxglove "Excelsior mix" - Digitalis purpurea mixed.
Biennial. Height 100 cm. Flower diameter 5 cm. Tall herbaceous plant. The flowers are large, brightly colored, collected in lush brushes 60 cm long. Cold-resistant, drought-resistant and photophilous, tolerates slight shading. Foxglove is undemanding to soil. It is used for group planting, mixborders, wall decoration and for cutting. Sowing in open ground in late May - early June. Shoots appear on the 8-10th day. Seedlings dive, in autumn the plants are planted in a permanent place with a distance of 30 cm, it is advisable to cover young plants. Blooms in the second year.

Eng.: Foxglove, Bloody fingers, Dead men's bells, Fairy caps, Fairy thimbles, Fairy's glove, Folk's glove, Gloves of our lady, Virgin's glove, Witches gloves. Suom.: Sormustinkukka, rohtosormustinkukka. Sven.: Fingerborgsblomma, vanlig.

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