Digitalis purpurea
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Foxglove "Excelsior mix" - Digitalis purpurea mixed.
Biennial. Height 100 cm. Flower diameter 5 cm. Tall herbaceous plant. The flowers are large, brightly colored, collected in lush brushes 60 cm long.
Cold-resistant, drought-resistant and photophilous, tolerates slight shading. Foxglove is undemanding to soil. It is used for group planting, mixborders, wall decoration and for cutting.
Sowing in open ground in late May - early June. Shoots appear on the 8-10th day. Seedlings dive, in autumn the plants are planted in a permanent place with a distance of 30 cm, it is advisable to cover young plants. Blooms in the second year.

Foxglove, Bloody fingers, Dead men's bells, Fairy caps, Fairy thimbles, Fairy's glove, Folk's glove, Gloves of our lady, Virgin's glove, Witches gloves.

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