Heliotropium peruvianum L
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Fragrant heliotrope "Marine" - Heliotropium arborescens = Heliotropium peruvianum L.
Unique vanilla flavor!
The favorite flower of great-great-grandmothers, heliotrope, is returning to our homes and gardens.
The name of this plant comes from the Greek words "helios" - sun and "tropos" - turn. Indeed, the flower constantly turns its inflorescences to follow the sun.
Indoors, Peruvian heliotrope is most often bred. In winter, he feels good on a bright window at a temperature of + 12 + 15 ° C.
The main thing at this time is not to pour it over: because with an excess of moisture, the roots of the flower rot.
From February to mid-May, young shoots with three to four internodes are cut from the plant. They are rooted in a mixture of peat and sand, and after planting, they are watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and covered with plastic wrap. The best temperature at this time is not lower than + 20 ° С.
The cuttings are regularly watered and ventilated, and after 3-4 weeks they are planted in pots with nutritious soil from peat, turf and a small amount of sand.
With the arrival of stable heat, the plants are taken out into the open ground: at first they are shaded and often sprayed. In order to give them the shape of a fluffy bush, pinch 2-3 times over the summer.
The heliotrope blooms from June to the end of September with dark purple or dark blue flowers with a pleasant vanilla scent.
With the onset of autumn, the plants are returned to the apartment. The heliotrope can live on the windowsill for many years.

Annual, 25-45 cm height plants. Grown in balconies, terraces, gardens. Flowers are 15 cm in diameter, bright, with pleasant vanilla scent. Grow well and bloom in sunny, protected from wind place. Seeds are sown to boxes in greenhouses, not covered with soil; germination takes a long time, and is uneven. Seedings are planted outdoors after frost, watered with lukewarm water.
Perfect in combination eith marigold, senecio cineraria.

Flowering Season: Summer.
Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade.
Flower Color: Purple.
Height: 18 to 30 inches.
Spacing: 12 inches.
Comments: Low drought tolerance.

Heliotroop Гелиотроп Fragrant heliotrope, garden heliotrope, cherry pie, marine heliotrope, turnsole HELIOTROOPPI Heliotrop Heliotropium peruvianum

Eng.: Fragrant heliotrope, garden heliotrope, cherry pie, marine heliotrope, turnsole. Suom.: HELIOTROOPPI. Sven.: Heliotrop. Bot. syn.: Heliotropium peruvianum L.

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