Gypsophila cerastioides L.
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Mouse Ear Gypsophila (Pixie Splash) - Gypsophila cerastioides (Acanthophyllum)
Ground cover perennial for rock garden and small containers.
Family: Caryophyllaceae.
Homeland - the Himalayas (grows at an altitude of 2000-5000 m).
Flowering plant height: 8 cm.
Distance between plants: 25 cm.
Natural flowering period: May - June.
Soil Requirements: Sandy, well-drained.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z8.

1,0 g = 2100-2200 seeds.
A plant with a compact crown, eared juicy green leaves and miniature white flowers with pink veins inside.
A very pretty and easy to grow perennial dwarf rock garden gypsophila that is also suitable for containers and window boxes.
It is very beautiful and grows well, but blooms only a few years after sowing.

Gypsophila cerastioides; Himaalaja kipslill; Mouse Ear Gypsophila; Pixie Splash; Гипсофила ясколковидная; Гималайская; Gypsophila cerastioides; Himaalaja kipslill; Mattslöja
Gypsophila cerastioides, Himaalaja kipslill, Mouse Ear Gypsophila, Ясколковидная гипсофила Гималайская, Mattslöja
Mouse Ear Gypsophila. Bot.syn.: Timaeosia cerastioides (D.Don).

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