Hordeum jubatum L.
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Squirrel tail-grass "Magic salute" (Foxtail barley).
Homeland - Eastern Siberia, the Far East, North America. Decorative for 60 days. In culture since 1782.
Location: sunny. In the middle lane, it is grown as an annual plant, but in warm winters it winters successfully and develops magnificently by the beginning of next summer.
Soil: Prefers humus-rich soil.
Reproduction: sowing seeds in early spring. Good results are obtained in autumn sowing in boxes or a distribution bed.

Hordeum jubatum Lakkoder Ячмень гривастый Foxtail Barley Squirrel Tail-Grass Partaohra Ekorrkorn Critesion jubatum

Foxtail barley, squirrel tail-grass. Bot. syn.: Critesion jubatum (L.) Nevski.

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