Lithops sp.
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"Living stones" collection (mix) - Lithops gesinaria.
Small, stemless, leafy succulents from the Mesembriantemic family. Most of the plant is buried in the soil. Aboveground part - two thick sheets fused into a column up to 20-50 mm high. Its top is dotted with patterns, conical, convex or flat, divided by a gap, from which a peduncle and new leaves appear. Leaves change annually from March to May, while last year's ones dry up. Blossom in July - November, flowers are white or yellow (occasionally orange) 2.5-3 cm in diameter, sometimes fragrant and open in the afternoon. In July - August, the plants rest.
From September to December they begin to grow again. In November-December, the watering of lithops is reduced and stopped, they are kept at a temperature of + 12 + 15 ° C. In late spring, when a couple of new leaves appear. watering is gradually resumed. Lithops do not feed or fertilize cacti at half concentration. They benefit from spraying in the afternoon on hot summer days. After a few years, the plants grow into a whole colony, which is transplanted into a container with good drainage. The substrate is made up of leafy earth and sand in equal parts. They are demanding on lighting, in the spring they are shaded from bright sunlight. Lithops reproduce easily by seeds.
Sowing is carried out in a mixture of peat and sand, sprinkling with sand on top, maintaining a temperature of + 20 ° C. Due to the wide variability of shapes and colours, lithops are of great interest to collectors of indoor plants.

Eng.: "Flowering stones", "Living stones". Suom.: Kivikukka, sekoitus "elävät kivet", Kivikukkalajeja. Sven.: "Levande stenar".

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