Dianthus deltoides L.
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Meadow pink - Dianthus deltoides L.
Flowering from June to September, fruiting from July.
Winter hardy down to -40°C.
Varieties of various colors were obtained from it: from white to dark red, as well as an evergreen form, which often freezes in winter without adequate shelter.
Young plants tolerate wintering much easier, so we can recommend growing it as a biennial: either divide the bushes every year, or cover it well for the winter.
It is well grown from seeds: sowing in the ground in May-June, the optimum temperature for germination is +15°C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. 1.0 g = 700 seeds.
It self-sows and can be used as a groundcover in a suitable location.
Partners: bluebell, fescue, thyme.
Carnation grass is very effective when planted in separate groups on dry soils, used in rockeries and as a border plant.

Dianthus deltoides Kanta-Libra Nurmnelk
Maiden pink, meadow pink.

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