Verbascum x hybrida
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Mullein "Southern Charm" (mix of colours) - Verbascum x hybrida.
A gift for an assortment of flower beds is a powerful and unpretentious perennial with an elegant racemose inflorescence and a noticeable delicate aroma.
Lush bloom is ensured by the large and numerous flowers of a light color with a delicate blush, which adorn the erect bush from late May to August.
Indispensable for single and group plantings on the lawn, near the walls, in the background of the mixborder and for decorating small reservoirs.
Sowing: for seedlings in the ground in June, or in boxes in February-March.
Seeds require preliminary stratification: sow seeds (slightly press into the soil), moisten from a spray bottle, cover with glass and place in a refrigerator (temperature + 5 + 7 ° С).
Crops are kept in such conditions for 7-10 days, then transferred to room conditions. The moisture content of crops is constantly monitored.
If there is no germination, repeat "cold - warm" in the same sequence. 
Seedlings dive in the phase of 2-3 pairs of true leaves. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May with a distance between plants of 40-50 cm.
Care: prefers fertile soil and a sunny location, although shades are tolerated. Responds well to feeding.
Flowering: May-August in the second year.

Verbascum - perennial or biennial plant up to 100 cm tall. Leaves are oblong-ovate to cordate, crenate or whole-edged along the edge, slightly pubescent.
The flowers are purple, of various shades, collected in a simple, rare brush. Blooms in June-July.

Location: drought-resistant. They prefer a sunny location, although they tolerate light shading. They don't need shelter.
Reproduction: sowing seeds in the ground in May - June. In the first year, a rosette of large leaves is developed. Young plants bloom in the second year.
The varieties are propagated by root cuttings.

Eng.: Mullein. Suom.: Tulikukka. Sven.: Kungsljus.

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