Allium cepa L.
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Onion "Valenciana Tardiva".
Medium-late variety, cold-resistant, extremely productive oval-shaped onion variety.
Gives a high yield regardless of soil and climatic conditions.
Reliable and flexible, with excellent shelf life and storage until the next harvest. Possesses increased resistance to disease.
Onions prefer fertile, light loams or loamy chernozems with a neutral reaction (they do not tolerate acidic soils).
Best predecessors: cucumber, cabbage, tomato, potatoes, legumes.
When growing onion sets, seeds are sown in autumn or early spring (as soon as the soil allows) on ridges, across which grooves are made (every 10-15 cm). Seeds are sown every 1-1.5 cm, to a depth of 1.5-2.0 cm. After sowing, the soil is slightly compacted.
When sowing in autumn, the rows are mulched with humus and peat. In the future, it is necessary to systematically destroy weeds and carry out regular watering, followed by loosening the row spacings. Sevok is removed as soon as the leaves begin to turn yellow and lie down.

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