Pelargonium zonale L.
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Pelargonium "Alena" F1 - Pelargonium zonale.
This hybrid simply amazes with its luxurious and long flowering!
Flowers of bright dark red color form large inflorescences, blooming profusely throughout the season until the very frost.
The variety is early and compact, with expressive foliage, highly resistant to pests and unfavorable weather conditions.
Plant height 25-35 cm, inflorescence diameter about 15 cm.
This hybrid variety is highly resistant to pest infestation and adverse weather conditions.
1 gram contains 135-200 seeds.
Pelargonium seeds remain viable for 2-3 years (with each year of storage, they age and lose their germination energy).

Sowing: January-March in light soil to a depth of no more than 1 cm, the crops are moistened, covered with glass or plastic wrap and placed in a warm, bright place, excluding direct sunlight.
Seeds germinate quickly, but before emergence, the temperature should be maintained at + 20 + 25 ° C and moderate soil moisture.
After germination of seeds, the containers should be transferred to a cooler place.
The picking of seedlings is carried out in the phase of 1–2 true leaves into cassettes with a diameter of 3 cm. At a height of 8–9 cm, the seedlings are pinched.
Care: prefers light, fertile soils with the addition of sand. It is a light-loving and moisture-loving plant that requires weekly feeding.
Flowering: 20-25 weeks after sowing.

Eng.: Horseshoe pelargonium. Suom.: Pelargoni, Zonale-ryhmä, Pelakuu, pielikki. Sven.: Pelargon Zonale-gr.

​​​​​* It is impossible to imagine a balcony, room or garden without pelargonium ...
And this is not surprising: flower lovers have been grooming and cherishing "geranium" for almost 300 years and it still occupies the highest place in the hit parade not only of the most popular pets, but also as a "decorator" of flower beds, hanging street baskets and flowerpots.
In the garden, flowering continues until the frost.

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