Pelargonium x zonale
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Horseshoe pelargonium "Night Violet" F1 - Pelargonium zonale.
Favorite window and flower bed decoration!
Bright and unpretentious flower. It is good both in a summer flower bed and on a windowsill, as a houseplant. Height 25-35 cm. Inflorescences 15 cm in diameter, large.
Bushes with numerous shoots are abundantly covered with bright caps of inflorescences of large flowers. Ideal in pots, containers and various flower beds: they bloom early, bloom profusely and for a long time.
These flowers are popular because of their long flowering and resistance to adverse growing conditions. Blooms all summer outdoors and year round indoors.
The unique varieties of this series are distinguished by dark brown leaves with a bright green border around the edge.

Pelargoon tumepruuni lehtedega Night F1 seeriast, Пеларгония зональная из коричневолистной серии Найт F1

Eng.: Horseshoe pelargonium. Sven.: Zonalpelargon. Suom.: Pelargoni, pelakuu.

Remember that geraniums should rest in winter, put them at 12 degrees and rarely water them. At the end of February, they are again taken out to the windowsill, the old branches are cut off so that the new ones become strong. After a month and a half, they bloom again.

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