Cucurbita maxima Duch. ex. Lam.
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Squash "Mammoth".
Medium late (99-107 days from full germination to harvest) variety. The plant is powerful, long-leaved.
The fruits are very large, some weighing up to 50 kg, flat-round shape, segmented, golden-yellow in color.
The pulp is yellow-orange, thick, sweet. The variety is resistant to the main diseases of pumpkin crops.
Due to the high content of sugar and carotene in the pulp, it is indispensable for baby and diet food.
Stores well.
Sowing seedlings - in April, planting seedlings in the ground - in May - June.
Sowing directly into the ground - at the end of May - June.
Planting depth 3-4 cm.
Planting scheme: 100x150 cm.

Eng.: Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikurpitsa. Sven.: Jättepumpa. Bot.: Cucurbita maxima Duch. ex. Lam.

* By December, we tend to forget the taste of fresh vegetables...
But the pumpkin by this time is just beginning to ripen. Inside, all the starch turns into sugar, and the pulp becomes really sweet and sugary.
It's time to start eating pumpkin: eat it raw, boil it, stew it, steam it, fry it, and even make jam from it. The dishes are excellent, and the benefits from them are considerable.
Pumpkin is considered to be a valuable medicinal plant. Perhaps there is no more useful food and at the same time medicine for people suffering from diseases of the kidneys, liver and intestines.
Pumpkin is also highly recommended for metabolic disorders, especially obesity, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and hypertension, and even as a prophylactic antitumor agent. Well, if everything is in order with the body, then the pumpkin will be used in cosmetics - masks from raw or boiled pumpkin with vegetable oil will be very useful for your skin, and for any of its types.
If masks are not needed, then probably no one will refuse roasted pumpkin seeds. By the way, they are no less useful than pulp.
However, despite all the advantages of pumpkin, it cannot be said that this is the most popular vegetable in our country (most likely due to the inability to cook it).
Although dozens of dishes can be made from pumpkin: from soup to jam and even a festive dinner...

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