Ammobium alatum
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Winged Everlasting - Ammobium alatum.
Wonderful dried flowers for winter bouquets!
An annual plant with a height of 50-70 cm, gives numerous peduncles from a basal rosette. Small yellow flowers are collected in inflorescences - baskets up to 2 cm in diameter.
Plants are cold-resistant, light-loving and drought-resistant. In cool climates, ammobium is cultivated as a seedling crop.
Sowing: end of March - beginning of April. Seedlings appear 6-8 days after sowing. When the first or second true leaf appears, the seedlings dive with a distance of 6-7 cm.
Seedlings are planted in the second half of May. In the southern regions, the crop is cultivated in a seedless way (sowing in mid-April).
Flowering begins 60-65 days after germination and lasts until frost. Removing several peduncles and especially the first one stimulates active growth and flowering, the plants become more compact.
Used in mixborders, singly on rocky hills. When dried, it is excellent for making dry bouquets.
The seeds are rather large, 3-4 mm long and up to 1 mm wide. 1 g contains 2500 seeds. They retain their germination capacity for 4-5 years.
Flowering Season: Summer
Light Requirements: Sun
Flower Color: Silvery-white bracts
Height: 3 feet; leaf rosette is 12 inches
Spacing: 12 to 15 inches
Comments: Prefers warm days and cool nights; temperature stress combined with humidity and afternoon rains can result in diseases; tender perennial grown as tender annual
Cultivars: Grandiflora; Bikini (12 inches).

Eng.: Winged Everlasting, Ammobium, Sandflower. Suom.: Iäisyydenkukka. Sven.: Sandeternell.

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