saxifraga x arendsi
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Mossy Saxifrage "Rocco Red" - Saxifraga x arendsii.
Perennial, low plant (up to 15 cm tall), with a rosette of rounded dense dark green leaves, strewn with many pink flowers on thin pedicels.
The plant is decorative from the beginning to the end of the growing season (mid-April - mid-October). Blooms in July-August.
The plant is cold-resistant, propagated by seeds. It is advisable to sow seeds before winter, since long stratification is required during spring sowing.
Sowing is superficial, the seeds are only lightly sprinkled with sand.
Seedlings appear in 2-3 weeks at a temperature of + 18 ° C. In the open field they germinate in 4-6 weeks. Seedlings dive after the development of a true leaf.
In June-July, they are planted in a permanent place according to the scheme 10 x 30 cm, for the winter they are covered with leaves.
Perfect for planting in dense shade on wet soils, it goes well with moisture-loving people such as black currant, elderberry, edible honeysuckle, etc.
They are used on rocky hills, in border plantings together with other perennials.

Eng.: Mossy Saxifrage. Suom.: Patjarikko. Sven.: Rosenbräcka. Bot. syn.: Saxifraga exarata × Saxifraga granulata × Saxifraga hypnoides × Saxifraga rosacea.

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