Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Zozulya" F1.
An enduring classic and the joy of our mothers and grandmothers-gardeners!
The best choice for early harvest. Fruits without bitterness. You can also grow it on a windowsill!

One of the favorite hybrids for growing in open ground and greenhouses. Partially parthenocarpic, female type of flowering, early ripening (40-48 days from germination to the start of fruiting). The plant is medium-climbing. The fruits are cylindrical, 14-22 cm long, weighing 160-300 g, slightly tuberous, white-spiked, without bitterness. They are used mainly fresh, and young fruits are good freshly salted. The fruit does not turn yellow for a long time and retains its presentation.
Harvest yield in the first month of fruiting: 8-16 kg/m2. When planted early, it bears fruit better with bee pollination. Suitable for growing indoors. Responsive to mineral fertilizers.
The fruits are collected every 2-3 days. Irregular harvesting reduces the yield and quality of greens.
Resistance: relatively resistant to root rot. Resistant to olive blotch and cucumber mosaic virus.
Use: salad, but the fruits are also suitable for salting with a short shelf life separately or together with tomatoes.

Kurk Zozulja Kurk Sosulja

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