Helichrysum monstrosum
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Everlasting "White" (immortelle).
The most popular plant among real dried flowers. An excellent material for winter bouquets and compositions.
Brilliantly glossy large inflorescences on a spreading bush reaching a height of 100 cm.
Each plant produces about 25 silvery-white inflorescences with a diameter of 6-8 cm.
Dry bracts are located along the edge of the inflorescence, creating the impression of terry.
Blooms from August to September.
This plant has earned its popularity among many dried flowers thanks to its large, double, spectacular inflorescences that retain their color throughout the winter.
Helichrysium is a godsend for lovers of winter compositions who value the unique comfort of their home. Also, brightly colored, funny basket inflorescences will become an integral part of the herbarium and various crafts, the making of which will be interesting and educational for children.
For winter bouquets, the inflorescences are cut at the beginning of flowering in the morning, tied in bunches and dried in the shade with their “heads” down.
Helichrysum is light-loving, relatively drought-resistant and cold-resistant. Grows well in loose, fertile, permeable soils. Seeds are sown in light nutritious soil (seed placement depth is no more than 0.5-1 cm). Shoots appear after 8-12 days at a temperature of 18-22°C. A month later they are planted in peat pots so that the seedlings take root well when planted. To enhance branching, plants with 6-8 leaves are pinched. Seedlings are planted at a permanent location at a distance of 25-30 cm. Watering is required in dry, hot weather. Before flowering, plants need fertilizing.
Helichrysum can also be grown by sowing seeds in May directly into the ground, followed by thinning. In 1 g there are up to 1500 seeds, the germination of which lasts for 3 years.

Helichrysum bracteatum
Bracted strawflower, everlasting, paper-flower. Bot. syn.: Helichrysum monstrosum, Xeranthemum bracteatum Vent.

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