Impatiens walleriana L.
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Buzzy lizzy "Multicolor" (mix) - Impatiens walleriana.
Plant height 25 cm. Inflorescence diameter up to 5 cm. Delightful annual ampel and ground cover plant.
The bush is compact with a lot of shoots.
The hybrid is highly resistant to adverse conditions, and long (from June to autumn) abundant flowering.
Large bright flowers will be a stunning decoration for pots, balconies, garden vases and indoor compositions.
Balsam is indispensable in the garden: in light partial shade under trees, on rabat beds, flower beds and borders.
At home, you can enjoy the flowering of balsam all year round.


Eng.: Buzzy lizzy. Suom.: Ahkeraliisa. Sven.: Flitiga lisa. Bot. syn.: Impatiens holstii, Impatiens sultani Hook.

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