Ecological seeds

Vegetable seeds for organic farming.

Bunching onion "Gerda" (Welsh Onion)
Wintry green onion "GERDA" - Allium fistulosum L. Excellent quality for cutting and bunching. Very early bunching onion with a delicious taste and dark green, erect leaves. Suitable for field and tunnel year-round production. Very re..
Carrot "Nantes 5" (Monanta)
Carrot "Nantes 5" (Monanta) - Daucus carota. Mid-season variety (the period from full shoots to technical ripeness is 80-100 days). Root crops are cylindrical, aligned, 15-18 cm long, weighing up to 100-150 g, bright orange, with ten..
Chives "Praga"
Chives "Praga" - Allium schoenoprasum L. This is an early variety which is intended for forcing as well as field growing. The leaves are light green and thin. They have a slightly sharp taste. The growing time, until the first harvest, is ..
Coriander "Aroma" (Chinese parsley)
Cilantro "Aroma" - Coriandrum sativum L. Green seasoning, spicy fragrant seeds. An annual, spicy, early ripening plant 40-70 cm high. Fresh herbs and seeds are used to flavor culinary and bread products. Greens are harvested wh..
Dill "Hanak" (Plain)
Dill "Hanak" - Anethum graveolens L. Mid-early variety: the period from full germination to harvesting for greens 35-53 days, for spices 56-99 days. Rosette is large, semi-spreading, strongly leafy. The plant has an average height, the l..
Garden cress "Plain"
Garden Cress - Lepidium sativum. A fast-growing variety intended for forcing for immediate consumption and use as a garnish. The plant, when mature, is 5-10 cm tall with 1-3 true leaves. Harvesting is approximately 10-14 days after sowing, wit..
Head lettuce "Detenicka atrakce"
Head lettuce "Detenicka atrakce". An early ripe variety of large-headed lettuce with very dense "heads", intended for cultivation both in spring and in autumn. * MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF SALAD. For medicinal purposes, mainly j..
Leaf parsley "Gigante D`Italia"
Plain leaf parsley "Gigante D`Italia" - Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. Ex A. W. Hill convar. vulgare (Nois) Danert. Standard European variety of plain leaf parsley with big dark green leaves. Established as a variety suitable for proces..
Lettuce "Kral Maje 1"
Head lettuce "May Queen" (Kral Maje 1). For earliest spring growing in the field and for forcing in unheated plastic shelters. Head is well-closed, firm, with typical anthocyanin colouring of covering leaf. 70-100 days from sowing. En..
Parsley "Efez"
Root parsley "Efez" - Petroselinum crispum convar. radicosum. Fragrant white flesh with small marble markings. Mid-early variety intended for storage and processing. The leaf rosette is high, semi-spreading, dark green in color. Roo..
Pumpkin "Amoro" F1
Pumpkin "Amoro" F1. "Hokkaido" type pumpkin. Requires watering with large portions of water. Suitable for cooking, baking and frying. Stores well in dry places. 1 gram = 5 seeds. ..
Pumpkin "Golias"
Pumpkin "Goliaph". A very high yielding variety of creeping marrow. The fruits are extremely large and weigh 18-30 kg, in good growing conditions the weight can reach up to 70 kg. The fruit is oval and bright red-orange. The flesh is..
Pumpkin "Hokkaido Orange"  (kabocha)
Winter squash "Hokkaido Orange" (kabocha). Typical Uchiki Kuri type of high-yielding winter squash. Deep orange fruits, weight 1,0-1,5 kg. Phenomenal productivity! Sweet, with a nut-chestnut flavour and pear-shaped berries. Early m..
Pumpkin "Solor" F1
Portion pumpkin "Solor" F1 (type "Hokkaido"). HEALING AND DIETARY PROPERTIES. Pumpkin is one of the best food plants. In terms of calories it is equivalent to cauliflower, rich in pectin, and in terms of iron content it i..
Pumpkin hull-less "ESO"
Hull-less pumpkin "Eso" - fertile oilseed pumpkin variety with creeping stem. Grown for seed. Seeds are dark green, large and without husk, very tasty, appreciated for zink content. Eng.: Hull-less Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikur..
Savoy cabbage "Vertus 2"
Savoy cabbage "Vertus 2" - Brassica oleracea var. sabauda. For consumption in any form! Medium late variety. The head of the cabbage is flat, weighing 1.2-2.7 kg. Rosette is large, with semi-raised leaves. The leaf tissue is bubbly,..
Spinach "Matador"
Шпинат "Матадор" - Spinacia oleracea. Medium early variety: 40-50 days from full germination to technical maturity. It is characterized by a high content of minerals, protein, vitamins. The rosette of leaves is compact, appressed, 1..
Turnip "Purple Top Milan"
Turnip "Purple Top Milan" - Brassica rapa L. var. rapa. Early ripening variety (growing season 50-60 days). Root crops are round-flat, the skin is smooth. The pulp is white, juicy and sweet. The variety is fruitful and ..
Wild rocket (sand mustard)
Wallrocket (Wild rocket) - Diplotaxis tenuifolia, Eruca sylvestris. Early lettuce culture. Can be grown on a windowsill: harvesting a vitamin crop - several times a season! Magnificent early ripe (from germination to cutting 20-30 days) lettuc..
Zucchini squash "Startgreen" F1
Summer squash zucchini "Startgreen" F1. An early squash-zucchini hybrid that provides a high yield and a long fruiting period. A bushy plant with a compact habit. The fruits are smooth, straight, with a shiny dark green bark. Fruit leng..
Green peas "Progress 9"
Green peas "Progress 9" Ultra-early, very productive variety. Ripening period 58-62 days. The plant is dwarf, 40-50 cm high, does not require support. Pods are dark green, 9-12 cm long. Brain peas are large, juicy and sweet. Delightfully d..
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