Prairie gentian

Showy Prairie Gentian is a beautifully flowering plant for growing from seed at home and in the garden.

Prairie gentian "Blue Chip" (Sapphire series)
Prairie gentian "Sapphire Blue Chip" - Eustoma grandiflorum = Lisianthus russellianus. Long freshness in the cut - up to three weeks! The "Sapphire" series is a very attractive series of branchy plants, 20 cm high, with gra..
Showy Prairie Gentian "ABC 2 Misty Blue" F1
Showy Prairie Gentian "ABC 2 Misty Blue" F1 - Lisianthus russellianus. Airy eustoma is the perfect flower for romantic bouquets! These amazingly beautiful double flowers are pretty easy to confuse with roses! ABC series with a ..
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