Papaver somniferum L.
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Blue bread seed poppy "Hen and Chickens" (mawseed) - Papaver somniferum.
This poppy is also beautiful during flowering: large, bright, crimson flowers with a purple center. Plants are tall - up to 1 meter, not prone to lodging.
The flowers are not very long-lived, as with all poppies, but in bouquets not intended to stand for a long time in a vase, they look very impressive.
Fans of dry bouquets and flower arrangements appreciate it very much: after flowering, small round seed pods of an unusual shape remain - around the "central" pod there are peeking out from under it, like chickens from under a brood hen (they are ten times smaller in size!) .
And sometimes they are located in several rows. The ability to form such boxes in this poppy is not very stable: some flowers leave behind traditional "single" heads, therefore, if you want to collect the seeds of this annual poppy, then they should be taken only from those plants in which the property of forming "chickens" is expressed most obviously.
1.0 g = 3500 seeds.

Blue bread seed poppy, mawseed.

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