Other salad cultures

Seeds of other salad cultures  for farmers by weight.

Corn salad "Larged Leaved" /400 g/
LAMB`S LETTUCE SALAD "LARGED LEAVED" (Corn salad) - Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr.   An undemanding leaf vegetable with medium-green leaves and semi-upright habitus, grown for leaves, which are prepared like lettuce, but ..
Garden cress "Mega" /3 kg/
Garden Cress - Lepidium sativum L. A fast-growing variety intended for forcing for immediate consumption and use as a garnish. The plant, when mature, is 5-10 cm tall with 1 - 3 true leaves. Harvesting is approximately 10 - 14 days after sowin..
Garden cress​​​​​​​ "Danska" /4 kg/
Garden Cress "Danska" - Lepidium sativum. Fresh taste and vitamins without worries! An early ripe variety (the period from germination to the beginning of economic suitability is 20-25 days) is characterized by very rapid growth. Ros..
Garden rocket (Arugula, Roquette) /1 kg/
Rocket salad (Roquette, Arugula) - Eruca sativa. An ultra-fast harvest of juicy salad greens rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Early maturing variety, from germination to green harvesting 14-15 days. The rosette of leaves is ..
Spinach "Harp" F1 /1 kg/
Spinach "Harp" F1 - for cutting young leaves. Very fast-growing spinach for harvesting of delicate young leaves. When harvested at optimal ripeness, the variety is quite resistant to coming into flower. * Spinach (Spinacea oleracea L.) ..
Spinach "Hudson" F1 /1 kg/
Spinach ''Hudson'' F1. Spinach is a cold hardy plant. Its seeds germinate at a temperature of +4°C and seedlings and adult plants withstand frosts down to -6°C. The optimum temperature for the growth and development of spinac..
Spinach "Matador" /4 kg/
Spinach "Matador" Mid-early variety: 40-50 days from full germination to technical ripeness. It is characterized by a high content of minerals, protein, and vitamins. The rosette of leaves is compact, appressed, 14-19 cm in diameter. The..
Spinach "Monores" /4 kg/
Spinach "MONORES" - Spinacia oleracea L. Ideal for freezing. Early variety for spring and autumn sowing. Sowing from March till May, for autumn harvest in August. The variety is suitable for direct consumption and for freezing. One ..
Spinach "Piano" F1 /1 kg/
Spinach "Piano" F1. A compact hybrid spinach variety that is resistant to bolting and mildew. Storehouse of vitamins! A very valuable vegetable annual plant of the haze family. Spinach contains a large amount of valuable nutrients for t..
Wild rocket (sand mustard) /200 g/
Wallrocket (Wild rocket) - Diplotaxis tenuifolia, Eruca sylvestris. Early lettuce culture. Can be grown on a windowsill: harvesting a vitamin crop - several times a season! Magnificent early ripe (from germination to cutting 20-30 days) lettuc..
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