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Beetroot "Bikores"
Red beet "Bikores" - Beta vulgaris L. Late fertile cultivar from Holland (Bejo Zaden). Grows within 120-125 days after seeding. Strong foliage. Root crops are round, dark red. Suitable storage, processing and making natural dyes. ..
Beetroot "Cervena kulata"
Beetroot "Cervena culata" (Red ball). Early productive variety. The period from germination to the beginning of economic suitability is 65-90 days. Root crops are rounded, weighing 220-500 g. The pulp is juicy, sweet, dark red with a pur..
Beetroot "Moneta"
Red beet "Moneta". Mid-early, single-germ variety. Root vegetables of excellent taste, with pulp without rings, cook well, and are suitable for juices, salads, first courses, stuffing, and canning. The root vegetable is round, smooth, red,..
Beetroot "Monorubra"
Beetroot "Monorubra". A variety with cylindrical shape of the bulb. The single-germity of the seeds makes it possible to grow the plants from direct sowings without thinning. A mono-germ, mid-late to late variety. The bulbs are cylin..
Beetroot "Redshine"
Beetroot "Redshine". Mid-early (75-90 days from full shoots to technical maturity) variety with very large roots. The rosette of leaves is semi-erect. Root crops are round, equal in size, with a small head and thin skin, weighing 400-600 ..
Beetroot "Renova"
Red beet "Renova". Mid-late to late variety, 130 days. Cylindrical roots, flesh without distinct rings, fine taste. For fresh market and preserving. Good resistance to diseases and bolting. A very fertile variety with cylindrically sha..
Red beet "Betina"
Beetroot "Betina". Quality classic. Spherical, intensely colored root crop with very tender flesh without rings. It has good disease resistance. The growing season is 120 days. From 100 m2 you can collect 380-450 kg of root crops. ..
Red Beet "Pablo" F1
Beet "Pablo" F1. One of the best quality round hybrids, with a smooth, dark red skin and flesh, and a small taproot. Ideal for growing as baby beets and delicious in salads. Stands well without bolting or going woody. Cropping: harv..
Spinach beet "Gator" (chard)
Perpetual Spinach Beet ''Gator''. Chard is a great substitute for spinach in the summer! * The easiest way to disinfect seeds is to warm them in hot water (+48+50°C) for 20-30 minutes. After this procedure, they must be immedi..
Spinach Beet "Lucullus"
Мангольд (свекла листовая) "Лукуллус". Сорт с прямостоячими крупными зелёными листьями, имеющими белый широкий корешок. Lehtpeet  ''Lucullus''(mangold) Dekoratiivne ja maitsev peet, toiduks tarvitatakse l..
Spinach Beet "Rhubarb Chard"
Spinach Beet "Rhubarb Chard". Mid-season variety. Easy to grow, harvested 60 days after sowing. In mild winters, the roots can be covered and left to overwinter in the soil. They are used for soups, steamed, added to salads, leaf stalks c..
Swisschard "Bright Yellow" F1
Spinach Beet ''Bright Yellow'' F1 (Swiss Chard). 1,0 g = 50 seeds. * Growing chard. In warmer European countries, Swiss chard is considered a biennial plant, but in our cool climate, it is grown once a year. This is due to too co..
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