In this section you can pre-order seeds by weight of peas, beans and other crops of this family.

Broad bean "Saturn"
Broad bean "Saturn" - Vicia faba ssp. major. A mid late coarse-fibred variety with usage of ripe und unripe seeds and with delicious taste.  Seeds have high nutritional value and contain a higher number of albumins. Unripe seeds..
Bush bean "Gusty"
Bush bean "Gusty". A heat-loving plant intended for growing fresh pods. Sow into the soil at a temperature of +9 °C. Requires sufficient watering, but during the period of swelling of the pods, excess water can cause the spread of bac..
Bush bean "Hawaii"
Dwarf french bean "Hawaii". Early bush variety resistant to diseases. The pods are dark green, rounded, 13-14 cm long. 1 gram = 1.5-5 seeds. ..
Bush beans "Carmen" (Canadian Wonder)
Bush beans "Carmen" (or "Canadian Wonder") - Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus. Mid-late bean variety of bush type. Seeds are sown when the soil temperature reaches +9°C. During the growing season, moderate moistening of t..
Chick pea "Pascia"
Chick pea "Pascia" - Cicer arietinum. It is an annual plant, erect stem 20-70 cm high, covered with glandular hairs. Leaves are pinnate. Pods are short, swollen, 1-3 seeds. Seeds look like the head of a ram or an owl, have a tubercul..
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Dwarf french bean "Aidagold" /3 kg/
Yellow Bush Bean "Aidagold". A mid-early yellow pod, a highly fertile variety, suitable for consumption in both the ripe and the unripe pods. Pods are yellow, resistant to shedding, slightly curved, without fibres inside, 10-12 cm long an..
Seeds on pre-order:
Dwarf french bean "Berggold" /3 kg/
Yellow french bean ''Berggold'' - Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus. High-yielding, mid-early, bush variety of dwarf bean, medium-early ripening (55-60 days). Beans 10-12 cm long, golden straw-yellow in color, round on the cut, with..
Dwarf french bean "Maxidor"
Dwarf french bean "Maxidor" - Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus. An early variety with middle long, yellow pod without fibrousness. Pods are light yellow, 140-160 mm long and stringless. * Weight of 1000 seeds = 260 g. * Numb..
Dwarf shell bean "Yin Yang"
Bush shell bean "Yin Yang" - Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. nanus. An early to mid-early variety intended for harvesting of dry seed. The pod is of average length, light green in colour, stringless, oval in section and weakly curved...
French Bean "Purple Queen"
Bush bean ''Purple Queen'' - Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus. Bush bean variety, early, harvest July-August. 1,0 g = 2-4 seeds. ..
French bean "Cannellino" (Petronila)
French bean "Cannellino" - Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. nanus. Early- ripe shellable beans. Height of plant 45-50 cm. Pods are green, beans are white, there are 5-6 beans in a pod. Technical ripeness is achieved in 65-80&nbs..
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