Lettuce seeds for farmers by weight.

Butterhead lettuce "Merkurion"
Butterhead lettuce "Merkurion" - Lactuca sativa var. capitata. Year-round lettuce forms a large, strong and dense head. Resistant to bloom. Weight per 1000 seeds = 1,0-1,2 g. Number of seeds in 1,0 g  = 830-1000. * Cultivati..
Cos lettuce "Globus"
Cos lettuce "Globus" - Lactuca sativa var. capitata. A head type of romaine lettuce. In terms of its properties, romaine is similar to late-ripening varieties of head lettuce, but differs from them in unpretentiousness, resistance to..
Head lettuce "Detenicka atrakce"
Head lettuce "Detenicka atrakce". An early ripe variety of large-headed lettuce with very dense "heads", intended for cultivation both in spring and in autumn. * MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF SALAD. For medicinal purposes, mainly j..
Head lettuce "Safir"
Head lettuce "Safir". Variety for spring forcing in greenhouses and unheated plastic shelters. Head is light yellow/green-yellow in crosssection, well-closed in full maturity. Resistant to tipburn and downy mildew races B 1, 3, 4, 6, 11,..
Head lettuce "Humil"
Winter butterhead lettuce "Humil" - Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata. This is a winter variety which is intended for early field harvesting.  It is a medium-large plant with light green, slightly curly leaves. ..
Iceberg lettuce "Ledano"
Butterhead lettuce "Ledano". Very early head lettuce iceberg type for year-round cultivation. The head is large and dense. The leaves are slightly corrugated, fleshy, tender, pleasant light green in colour and have excellent taste. Go..
Iceberg lettuce "Maximo"
Iceberg lettuce "Maximo" (type "Iceberg"). Head lettuce . Suitable for spring and autumn cleaning. You can grow from seeds, but it is better from seedlings. Eng.: Lettuce - iceberg. Suom.: Jääsalaatti ("rap..
Iceberg lettuce "Miniko"
Iceberg lettuce "Miniko" - variety forming smaller heads. Used especially for spring and autumn harvests. Direct sowing possible, growing from transplants recommended. "Айсберг"-салат ("ледяной") "Минико" - ..
Iceberg-lettuce "Prazan"
Iceberg-lettuce "Pražan". This is a type of iceberg summer lettuce, suitable for direct sowing. The head is extremely large, round-shaped, well closed and compact. This variety is resistant to saliency to flower. Weight per 1000 seed..
Lettuce "Dubared"
Oak-leaved lettuce "Dubared". The taste qualities are excellent. An early variety of "oak leaf" type lettuce intended for all-season cultivation. The rosette of leaves is compact and dense. The leaves are dissected, strongly wa..
Lettuce "Mix of colours" (Barevna smes)
Lettuce "Mix of colors" (Barevna smes). A mixture of six varieties of salads with curly leaves - Zoltan (light green), Karminova (dark red), Roden (dark red), Dubared (red), Dubagold (light green), Roset. The varieties are suitable f..
Lettuce "Roden"
Red lettuce "Roden" - Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa. Mid-early variety (sortotype "Lollo"), which can be sown both in spring and before winter. This is one of the most popular varieties of lettuce, which is appreciated by b..
Lettuce "Smaragd"
Lettuce "Smaragd S". This salad has long been a favourite among salad lovers! Large, dense, light green heads. This lettuce is very heat tolerant but does well in cool climates. This is a variety intended for spring cultivation in open g..
Lettuce "Smaragdus"
Head lettuce "Smaragdus". This is a early variety intended for spring growing in the open field and for forcing in non-heated plastic shelters. The head is dense and closed. The leaves are slightly curly.  ..
Lettuce -head "Kamenex" (four seasons)
Head lettuce "Kamenex" ("butterhead" type: All the Year Round) - Lactuca sativa var. capitata. For year-round cultivation: four seasons! Cultivated in plastic greenhouses and in open field. Seedlings grow within 2..
Lettuce- head "Cervanek"
Head lettuce "Cervanek". Mid-season (50-69 days) variety for open ground. Head of medium size, loose. The leaves are green at the base and red-burgundy at the tips of the leaves, bubbly, slightly wavy, with an oily texture. The mass of one..
Lettuce-head "Kral Maje 1"
Lettuce "Kral Maje 1" For earliest spring growing in the field and for forcing in unheated plastic shelters. Head is well-closed, firm, with typical anthocyanin colouring of covering leaf. 70 – 100 days from sowing. Eng.: Lettuc..
Oak-leaf lettuce "Dubagold"
Oak-leaf lettuce "Dubagold" - Lactuca sativa L. crispa L. Mid-early lettuce variety of the "oak leaf" type, which is intended for all-season cultivation. Forms a large rosette of excellent quality. The leaves are dissected..
Roman lettuce "Gelbus" (Cos lettuce)
Romaine lettuce "Gelbus" (Roman lettuce or Cos lettuce). Heads of cabbage are of excellent quality and have a long shelf life. Mid-season variety. Medium rosette, raised. The head of cabbage is medium in size. Weight 150-200 g. Leave..
Stem lettuce "Celtuce" (Asparagus lettuce)
Asparagus lettuce "Celtuce" (Celery lettuce). A new vegetable crop with high nutritional value. Early maturing, suitable for winter storage. Early maturing and cold-resistant variety: growing season 110-120 days. Forms a rosette 65-9..
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