Pumpkin crops

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Courgette "Baby Spaghetti" F1
Courgette "Baby Spaghetti" F1. An interesting variety of zucchini, the internal structure of the fruit of which is fibrous. In order to obtain the "spaghetti" effect, the courgettes are harvested after they turn yellow (approxim..
Courgette "Kveta"
Squash "Kveta". An early delicacy variety intended for fresh consumption, freezing and all types of processing. Agrotechnics. For squash, light, fertile soils with low groundwater are most suitable; it does not tolerate acidic soils. T..
Lagenaria "Birdhouse bottle" (Calebass)
"Kalabasa" ("Calebass") - Lagenaria siceraria. How to grow lagenaria? Lagenaria seedlings are watered only with warm, settled water when the topsoil dries up. Seedlings do not need frequent and plentiful watering. If see..
Muscue pumpkin "Moscata di Provenza"
Muscue pumpkin ''Moscata di Provenza''. High yielding variety. Grow with seedlings. Sow at the beginning of May. Plant outdoors after spring frosts. Vegetation period 100-125 days after seedling planted outside. The average wei..
Musque pumpkin "Liscia"
Musque pumpkin "Liscia" - Cucurbita moschata. A variety of nutmeg pumpkin with an original fruit shape and a juicy pulp with excellent taste, which is ideal for fresh consumption and processing. The variety is mid-season, the period..
Musque pumpkin "Serpentine" (crookneck)
Crookneck squash ''Serpentine'' (Musque pumpkin). Pumpkin surpasses many vegetable crops in the content of carbohydrates, pectin substances, vitamins and mineral salts. Pumpkin is of particular value as a dietary product. The best t..
Musque Pumpkin "Stella" F1
Musque Pumpkin "Stella" F1. A hybrid variety of butternut squash with a pear-shaped oblong fruit, very good quality. Suitable for both fresh use in the kitchen and for processing and preserving. It has a smooth inner structure with a very..
Pumpkin "Amoro" F1
Pumpkin "Amoro" F1. "Hokkaido" type pumpkin. Requires watering with large portions of water. Suitable for cooking, baking and frying. Stores well in dry places. 1 gram = 5 seeds. ..
Pumpkin "Atlantic Giant"
Pumpkin "Atlantic Giant"  Medium late variety (110-130 days). Gaining weight up to 50 kg. Well kept. ..
Pumpkin "Delica" F1
Portion pumpkin Delica F1 - Cucurbita maxima Duchesne. Productive and sweet green-skinned "Hokkaido" type hybrid. Keeps well in dry conditions, suitable for baking. * PUMPKIN. During the period of storage of fruits, the pumpkin ripens ..
Pumpkin "Delician" F1
Pumpkin "Delician" F1. Portion pumpkin, high-yielding hybrid. The flesh is especially sweet, bright orange and suitable for cooking. Eng.: Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikurpitsa. Sven.: Jättepumpa. Bot.: Cucurbita maxima Duchesne ..
Pumpkin "Fikolista SM CF106" (Fig-leaf gourd, Shark Fin Melon, Perennial Pumpkin, Chilacayote)
Malabar gourd "Fikolista" - Cucurbita ficifolia. Its rich root system, resistant to soil pathogens, provides vigorous growth of the grafted plant and high fertility, so the plant is used as a base plant for grafting watermelons, ..
Pumpkin "Golias"
Pumpkin "Golias". A very high yielding variety of creeping marrow. The fruits are extremely large and weigh 18-30 kg, in good growing conditions the weight can reach up to 70 kg. The fruit is oval and bright red-orange. The flesh is ..
Pumpkin "Gran Gigante" (Halloween)
Pumpkin "Gran Gigante" (Halloween). Early maturing, cold-resistant, high-yielding table variety. The fruits are round, segmented, very large, 8-10 kg. Pulp of excellent taste, bright orange, crispy, very fragrant, with a high content of c..
Pumpkin "Grey Queen"
Pumpkin "Grey Queen" ("Hokkaido" type). To be grown in a sunny place. Do not expose to frost. Water plentifully.Excellent for cooking, baking and frying. Fruits that are stored in a dry place are well storable. Eng.: Pumpkin..
Pumpkin "Hokkaido Orange"  (kabocha)
Winter squash "Hokkaido Orange" (kabocha). Typical Uchiki Kuri type of high-yielding winter squash. Deep orange fruits, weight 1,0-1,5 kg. Phenomenal productivity! Sweet, with a nut-chestnut flavour and pear-shaped berries. Early m..
Pumpkin "Solor" F1
Portion pumpkin "Solor" F1 (type "Hokkaido"). HEALING AND DIETARY PROPERTIES. Pumpkin is one of the best food plants. In terms of calories it is equivalent to cauliflower, rich in pectin, and in terms of iron content it i..
Pumpkin "Yellow Boys" F1
Pumpkin "Yellow Boys" F1. Yellow Boys bears numerous round to upright fruits in the popular medium-size: 5-7 kg (11-15,4 lbs). These pretty fruits have a nice orange color and a pretty nice handle. Eng.: Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättik..
Pumpkin"Yellowgirls" F1
* Впервые тыкву ввели в культуру в 3-м тыс. до н.э. на территории современного Перу и Мексики, откуда в начале 16 века она и была завезена в Европу (а, заодно, и в Индию) португальцами. После этого тыква быстро распространилась по всем странам...&nbs..
Scallop squash "Delikates"
White-fruited scallop squash "Delicacy". The variety is early ripe (from germination to the beginning of fruiting 50-70 days). Bush plant. The fruit is disc-shaped with serrated edges, white, 4-5 cm in diameter. The pulp is white, juicy. ..
Scallop squash "Greendisc" F1 (patisson)
Patisson "Greendisc" F1 (fruticose squash). An early ripe, green-fruited hybrid that bears fruit 45 days from germination. Forms bushy plants with a very compact habit. The fruits are disc-shaped, with a scalloped edge, in biological..
Scallop squash "Patinova"
Fruticose squash "Patinova". Early (50-60 days from germination), highly productive variety of squash with high resistance to powdery mildew. The plant is bushy, strongly branched and weakly affected by powdery mildew, bacterios..
Scallop squash "Snowdisc" F1
Scallop squash "Snowdisc" F1. Early hybrid, 42-45 days from germination to first harvest. Bush plant, compact. The fruits are white, 20-22 cm in diameter, weighing 250-300 g. Excellent delicate taste. Eng.: Fruticose squash, Scallop..
Scallop squash "Sunseance" F1 (patisson)
Scallop squash "Sunseance" F1 (fruticose squash). The variety is early ripening (from germination to the beginning of fruiting 40 45 days). Bush plant. The fruit is disc-shaped with jagged edges, yellow-orange, weighing 0.4-0.5 kg. The pul..
Vegetable marrow for grafting "Sprinter" F1
Vegetable marrow for grafting ''Sprinter'' F1. A special pumpkin hybrid intended for use as a rootstock for further grafting of cucumber, melon or watermelon. The cucumber has weak roots, and it is more demanding of heat, sensitive ..
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