Rare and exotic cultures

Seeds of less common and rare vegetable crops.

Mais popcorn "Jantar" F1
Sweet mais Popcorn "Jantar" F1. A fertile late crossbred suitable for growing corn for producing popcorn. The corn has a high index of sprouting and good healthstate. * Number of seeds in 1 g = 10-12. * Vegetation lenght from sowing (day..
Rhubarb "Lider"
Rhubarb "Lider" - Rheum rhaponticum L. A perennial vegetable crop is an unpretentious old-timer of the northern garden. Frost-resistant plant that requires deep soil with sufficient moisture. Leaf petioles up to 50 cm long are used t..
Sweet corn "Luminox" F1
Sweet corn ''Luminox'' F1. Super sweet sweet corn hybrid. The number of rows of grains in one cob is from 14 to 16. Ideal for freezing, canning and fresh consumption. Sweet corn. Bot.: Zea mays L. var. Saccharata. ..
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